Devil’s Haircut

Devil's Haircut

It’s almost as if she knew I had started my blog, knew what my blog was about, and knew I was searching for what to write about next. If there’s any better suited parent-blog material than your 3 year-old giving herself a haircut with your new, electric clippers, I don’t know what it is. It feels cliche almost. Right up there with your kid drawing on the dog and your kid washing his face with toilet water (this one may not be a cliché but it happened at our house this week TWICE –once with a friend’s kid (pictured below) and once with mine).

Maybe everyone’s got a my-kid-cut-her-own-hair story.

But not everyone has a my-kid-cut-her-own-hair-and-it-looks-badass story.

Mud on her face, her pal Adlai riding in back


It happened like this: I had just said goodbye to some friends downstairs and was on my way upstairs to turn on the bath when I heard the faint hummmm. My first thought: They were playing with one of their electric toys and left it on. My second thought: They were playing with one of Kate and my electric toys and left it on (kidding of course – none of those in our house). Then the hum grew louder towards the bathroom and it occurred to me that the kids were shaving each other’s heads. My first thought upon actual cuttus-interruptus was “I have to get a picture of this”. I suppose it’s just that gut instinct that separates us dedicated parent bloggers from those inferior types that parent first and blog second. The kids were standing on the sink. George held Louisa’s head gently with one hand and with the other began combing the clippers along the left front side of her head. When I saw the large, golden lock of hair hit the sink bowl, I put the camera down and grabbed the clippers from George’s hand. I sort of regret this decision now for the obvious reason that I don’t have a good action shot for this blog. Also, I can’t help but think of how much more badass Louisa would’ve looked if George had been able to complete his vision. Or just more lesbian.


  1. Photo girl says

    I can vouch…it’s one mf badassed do. My only request: chipped black nail polish.