About Me

Hmm. An “About Me” page for a blog about me. I’ll try to hammer the me-ness home here.

I used to work in the magazine world –Rolling Stone, then Men’s Journal, then Entertainment Weekly. I wrote for others, like Maxim and GQ. In 2004, I decided to pack it in and move out to California with my then-girlfriend now-wife to attend an MFA program at St. Mary’s College. We lived in Berkeley, had our son, George, got married in England (where my wife’s from), then had Louisa, and moved back east, where we continued breeding.

We now live in Montclair, New Jersey with our three kids and our two dogs. Kate works at a non-profit in Brooklyn, NY. Her commute is long. I stay at home with our three kids, George, 6, and, Louisa, 5, and Theo, 1. My days are long.

Our dogs, Angie and Greeley (together: Angrily) get a lot more real estate in this blog than they deserve but I suppose they’re pretty good foils for my SAHD life.

By day, I tend the children and dogs. At night, I like to complain about them here on this blog.

If you’d like to contact me, email me at [email protected]