Fell in Love with a Squirrel

We had a squirrel and we loved it. It was a baby. It came to us. It was lost maybe, I don’t know. Maybe it just stepped away from it’s nest for a moment, its mom watching, smiling, proud of her baby’s first little solo adventure. Maybe it just felt ready to start a life of it’s own.

“Look, Weeze, a baby squirrel!” I said, pointing to the base of a tree in our front yard.

“Oh my God.” Louisa whispered.

“I have literally never in my life seen a baby squirrel,” I said as I walked towards it.

It’s true, I’d often wondered why one never sees baby squirrels. You see baby raccoons trailing their mom across the street late at night when you’re sitting on your front steps trying to sort out what happened to your life. You see baby birds when their parents make a nest in your browned, 6 month old Christmas wreath on your front door.  You see baby possums when their mom gets hit by a car and you turn it over and see the babies still alive, wriggling on their mother’s soft white belly. You see baby bunnies when your dog brings them (dead) to the back door. But you never see baby squirrels.

The right thing would’ve been to leave it there on that tree. I know that now. I actually knew it then.  But Louisa didn’t. And this was a good opportunity to show Louisa the importance of leaving wildlife alone and not taking it into your home.

Here’s a video I made for her in case she ever forgets this…






  1. just trying to understand this — you took a wild animal, semi-domesticated it, let it play with your kids, it died a premature death and now you’re celebrating its short life?

    if this is true, it just doesn’t make sense.

    wild animals should be able to live wild and flourish — not be mere kodak moments, then buried.

  2. R.I.P. Squirrely

  3. I knew this was going to end badly when I got to the part where you’re in bed with the squirrel. Still, happy to see a post!

  4. I wish my kids could learn more lessons like this. I grew up in the sticks surrounded by animals, but since I have been living in a decent sized city, I don’t see much in the way of wildlife. Great post, nice to see.